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December 30th, 2011 by Tam Tran


As 2011 draws to a close, I want to give thanks to the numerous Fitness & Health professionals who found value in my bodywork and referred their friends, clients, and patients to me.

It has been a great joy to see my therapeutic and sports massage help people improve in their training and work towards their fitness goals without skipping a beat.

More significantly, those who chose Rolfing® have been able to progress through their fitness programs exponentially faster, as their bodies have found more balance, alignment, and flexibility than ever before

Some of the fitness professionals I have had the pleasure of working with are listed here as a reference, if you’d like support for your fitness efforts while you improve structurally and functionally with me.


Christa Bache, Personal Trainer, MA, NASM, ACE, Pre-Post Natal, Stretch, Post Rehab, Yoga Fit and more…you can find Christa here.

Brett Cohen, Personal Trainer, C.H.E.K Instructor, Golf and Exercise Instructor, Marathon Trainer and more…you can find Brett here.

Derek Moore, Personal Trainer, BA, NASM, NSCA, currently works at the Sports Club/LA in UES. He specializes in group and partner training, seniors, youth, and more…you can find Derek here.

Julia, pilates instructor, works at Upper East Side Pilates Studio. Contact her at:

Karine “Superfrench”, Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle coach, NASM, works at the Sports Club/LA in UES. Specialty in Boxing. You can read more about her and contact her here.

Over the years, I have found each one of these individuals exceptional in what they do, as well as adored and loved by their friends, clients, and patients. Again, it’s been a pleasure to work with them to help our folks towards balance, strength, and other fitness and health goals.  Happy New Years everyone!!


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