Times Square Ball – Constructed like us!

January 1st, 2012 by Tam Tran

Even Lady Gaga thought so! Did anyone notice her costume? It was hard to miss, but she really didn’t even have to wear, in my opinion, an overdone, not-so-interesting costume, since we are already constructed like the New Year’s Time Square Ball!

We have the same central pole rooting us through the ground, which then suspends us upright through the apex of our heads. This central axis becomes dynamic from the ground force we create as we walk; the downward mass from our body unleashes the potential energy stored in the connective tissues comprised in the functional arch of our feet, achilles tendon, and calf muscles.

In addition to being the grounding force behind our movement, our center runs up along our inner legs and becomes the front of our spine where all anatomical structures connect and spread out, including our vital organs, our central nervous system, our cardiovascular system, even our core muscles.

The network of triangles on the Times Square ball reminds me of the network of fascia and or connective tissue that pervades our entire body. Fascia covers, supports, connects, and animates all of our anatomy creating the structure we know as our bodies. The facial network stretches from deep to our central core all the way out to our skin.  In between, we know fascia as our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

I’m continuing a Vietnamese tradition and welcoming the New Year with a gift to all. To help keep your fascia and your bodies healthy and structurally sound, use promo code “tsh2012nyr” good for $25 towards any service through March 31, 2012 the next time you book online.

Here’s to your Optimal Health! Cheers! Tam

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