Another Touching Testimonial for Rolfing

May 13th, 2012 by Tam Tran

“Tam’s professional and dedicated approach make her especially effective as both a Rolfer ™ and a massage therapist.  Her expertise combined with her extraordinary commitment to results have led to a number of improvements, enabling me to move and feel better.  She has successfully targeted particularly challenging issues, coordinating her work with that of my physical trainer, to resolve my chronic thoracic outlet syndrome and other challenges that conventional practices did not.  After working with Tam, I am enjoying dramatically improved posture, balance and stress relief.  And, these changes have led me to make further improvements on my own, including diet and exercise!”  — Madeline B


Madeline and I first met several years ago when she was referred by her trainer to receive therapeutic massage. She and I instantly worked well together and after we discussed the possibilities of Rolfing (R), she thought the overall approach to structure and balancing was the direction she wanted to take.


A year later, she submitted this testimonial to me. Though she has always been proactive, she now is able to optimize her efforts since her alignment has drastically improved and she’s now able to move through her daily routine and exercise with more range of motion and ease. I’m so proud of her!

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Tam Tran
Certified Rolfer™
Licensed Massage Therapist


Tam is remarkably knowledgeable on anatomy and physiology, and she’s extremely precise. She also goes the extra mile to provide you with skills to integrate in everyday life to keep your body moving in the most efficient way.

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