Best natural running video out there

June 27th, 2012 by Tam Tran

Bounce for Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Director of the Natural Running Center.

In my search for helpful sources for walking and running, I ran into Dr. Mark Cucuzella’s youtube video. After 16 hours of watching video after video, I can confidently say that it is the best demonstration out there.

In his “Principles of Natural Running” video, Dr. Mark clearly shows how to optimize energy use and increase performance while decreasing the chances for injury.

The fundamentals of effective running are very clearly explained with simple visual aides. Pieces like “Running on the Ball of the Foot,” “Running With Better Alignment,” and on “Heel Strike – How Much is Ok?” are all explained with clarity.

The video also does a fine job explaining how to best utilize the elastic quality of your connective tissue, your fascia — including tendons, ligaments and all the soft tissues that comprise joints. Dr. Mark compares efficient running dynamics with improper form and goes over fun, supportive exercises, including one with a jump rope.

Enjoy his helpful tutorial and practice well!

More later! Tam


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