Returning Back to Balance

November 29th, 2012 by Tam Tran

Drawing by Tam Tran, copy from “Anatomy for the Artist” Jeno Barcsay

Has life been getting in your way? End of the year pressures building up? Are you too busy to think straight, let alone take care of yourself and exercise?

Well, here’s a thought that may ease your tension: it’s human nature to sway away from balance from time to time. In fact, periods of turmoil aren’t necessarily negative. Sometimes they lead us to positive opportunities; sometimes they help us cultivate a deeper sense of personal balance; and sometimes they inspire us to explore new outlets for creative expression and personal growth.

Life happens to the best of us. Take me for an example: I planned my own New York City wedding this past fall, moved with my husband into a tiny 300 square foot apartment, and had to adjust to a forty-five minute cross town commute to my office. On top of personal changes, Sandy hit our area hard and provided a whole new set of challenges. Needless to say, it has taken me a bit of effort to ground myself. Being thrown off kilter, however, does not have to create lasting tension.

After a number of busy months, I have rested upon the notion that I can use the momentum from all the chaos to propel me into things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m making a conscious effort to return to a regular tai chi practice, eat more healthily by adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, create more leadership involvement with the Rolfing® community by hosting workshops, and create space in my office to express myself through writing and drawing.

Deciding to use my time for positive things instead of wasting it with worry has already lessened the tension in my body tremendously. If you’re struggling to maintain stability, first identify exactly what in your life is causing you tension. Focus on ways you can reshape and redirect the negative energy to create positive shifts in your life. Pay special attention to your needs; take care of your body, and concentrate on doing what you can to guide yourself back towards balance. Remember, no single moment, day, or even week is unendurable; the important thing is to keep going.


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