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October 13th, 2015 by Tam Tran

I hope you had a long and enjoyable summer! Since Olivia’s arrival this past May, I have been working earnestly to adapt to the changes and responsibilities that come with motherhood — and how to continue offering Rolfing to you. Thankfully, my evolution hasn’t been a big shift in my character, but just in how I delegate my time.

Mother's Day 2015 with Olivia at 1 week.

I was initially attracted to becoming a Rolfer, because it would allow me to be what I inherently am. I was born and raised to care for all things living. I am a caregiver. And now having my own child, it would go against my natural fabric to allow someone else to care for her.

A part of my belief in being a good role model for Olivia is, however, to work by helping others. Over these past months, I was feeling how I could continue to be your Rolfer. When I’m not tending to her and her (my) family, Olivia sees her mom work. Even better – when she learns how to speak, she will be able to say, “mommy works by caring for others where they hurt and helps them play again.”

She's a Natural

This past summer and now, *GASP* fall, my time with her has been a gift. Every passing day, I witness our developmental stages unfold through Olivia. They confirm the sensations I feel in my own body as well as the teachings I pass along to you. My years of Rolfing practice have helped me be a better mother and me-as-mother will only improve me-as-Rolfer.

New Hours

With this evolution, I have been offering Rolfing on a part-time schedule. I invite you to email me at when I may see you next: for your basic series, advanced series, or a tune-up. I am open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays:

Wednesdays 9a – 2p

Saturdays 830a – 11a

Sundays 12p – 5p

If you need an evening appointment, please contact me as well. I will introduce you to a well-trusted Rolfing colleague who will be able to assist you on Wednesdays from 9a – 9p.

T2 and O with Mother Earth

A reminder, I have also changed location to 40th and Madison, convenient to Grand Central Station. Also, online booking is currently suspended. Please email me with inquiries and bookings.

As always, thank you so much for reading and best wishes for your autumn days to be happy and healthy.



Tam T. Valenti


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