Incredibly Consultative And Focused On My Issues

I started Rolfing with Tam about a year ago to help with a condition called “snapping hip syndrome”, which causes severe pain in the hips during athletic activity and even simple hip movements while sitting at my desk at work. Being a very active individual enjoying a variety of sports such as tennis, squash, ice hockey, and surfing, I was in dire need of a treatment to help me continue to do the things I love.

Tam developed a Rolfing series for me that was incredibly consultative and focused on my issues as well as my overall balance and structure. Since completing the series, not only has my hip problem subsided but I have also noticed significant improvement in my movement and balance helping me to perform at a higher level in my athletic activities.

I strongly recommend a Rolfing program with Tam to anyone dealing with a physical ailment as well as anyone looking for general improvement in their athletic performance.

Brad F.

Goes The Extra Mile

Tam is remarkably knowledgeable on anatomy and physiology, and she’s extremely precise. She goes the extra mile to provide you with the skills to keep your body moving through everyday life in the most efficient, pain-free way. I’m very pleased with the results of Rolfing® Structural Integration and with the professional rapport that Tam builds with her clients.

Kate T.

Provides A Great Foundation

I can whole-heartedly and very highly recommend Tam. I try to balance a hectic business and family with exercise, but I just found myself with too many daily aches and pains. Since going through my Rolfing® Basic 10 Series, I feel much more balanced, my posture is considerably improved and my normal morning pain and discomfort is totally gone. My energy level has actually increased and I am approaching 50. Tam provides a great foundation for enhanced wellness.

Mike S.

My Fastest Time Ever!

As a teacher, I am on my feet or at a desk all day. My posture has suffered and I developed a “slouchy” look that then led to a shoulder impingement. Massage was helpful for the short term, but I decided to try Rolfing with Tam. After the first session, I immediately began to feel better and lighter. My posture had increasingly improved as my shoulder pain decreased. I’ve been a runner for 15+ years and my half-marathon times since Rolfing have been my fastest ever!

Alisha D.

Exciting and Illuminating

Before the Rolfing® Basic 10 Series, I had chronic back and shoulder pain. After the series, I have gone for six months without any pain. I walk taller, stand straighter, breathe deeper, and feel better. Tam’s knowledge and intuition made the process exciting and illuminating. I appreciated how she worked from my head to my toes, and how she thoughtfully answered my questions on how each body part relates to my overall structural integrity. Not only did Tam have the right touch, she put me in touch with myself!

David V.

Contact Information

Tam Tran
Certified Rolfer™
Licensed Massage Therapist


Tam is remarkably knowledgeable on anatomy and physiology, and she’s extremely precise. She also goes the extra mile to provide you with skills to integrate in everyday life to keep your body moving in the most efficient way.

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