“Rolfing increased my performance time 100%.”

Sarah Will, 1998 US Paralympic Gold Medal Skier, a member of the US Disabled Ski Team is a paraplegic athlete that credits her five gold metals to Rolfing. Will’s said that “Rolfing gives you a competitive edge as an athlete.” and “Rolfing increased my performance time 100%.”

“Rolfing works.”

Joe Greene, two-time U.S.A. Olympic bronze medal long jumper says, “Rolfing works. It really makes a huge difference. I’ve been in track and field a long time and wish I had known about it sooner. My stomach tenses and my hips tighten when I jump. The Rolfing bodywork helped me to breathe and I felt taller.”


Rolfing and Injury Recovery

Rolfing Structural Integration and the Minnesota Vikings

The NFL Minnesota Vikings speak on using Rolfing as part of their recovery program to heal their aches and pains and keep them on top of their game.

Rolfing on Oprah

Dr. Oz gets Rolfing to demonstrate its medical benefits on Oprah.


Rolfing in the Workplace

Rolfing Structural Integration at Starkey Laboratories

A news clip on Rolfing’s positive effect on Starkey Laboratories’ workers compensation costs. Larry Miller from Starkey Laboratories reports by implementing Rolfing at in their office, worker’s compensation decreased from $1.3 million to well under $100,000 and employment rate increased by 45%.

Leon Fleisher on Rolfing

Dateline NBC interviews world famous pianist Leon Fleisher’s use of Rolfing to recover from debilitating wrist and hand pain. He remarks, “It’s wonderous the change…just last week I was able to play Brahm’s G minor quartet…”

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